Alireza Sadeghi

Data Scientist.

About me

Ali reza Sadeghi

I am a Cum Laude MBA graduate, specializing in Business Information and Digital Marketing. Currently, I serve as the Lead Data Scientist at Tata Steel Europe. In this role, I collaborate with cross-functional teams to generate actionable insights through data analysis and planning.

I am passionate about problem-solving and innovation, particularly in big data, machine learning, and AI applications for business improvement. I have supervised junior data scientists, developed end-to-end solutions for various use-cases, and hosted company-wide data science workshops. Additionally, from time to time I give presentations to commercial departments to raise awareness about AI's benefits and practical applications.

I strive for attention to detail in my work and use agile-scrum methodology to deliver quality results within tight timelines. My commitment to staying up-to-date with emerging technologies enables me to provide clients with the best possible solutions. Finally, I possess an entrepreneurial spirit, which I have used to develop websites for small businesses (e.g.,Hair Salon, Nail Beautician), honing my skills in web development and small business management. I write blog as well, feel free to check it out!

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  1. Lead Data scientistLatest

    • Conceive, plan, and prioritize AA projects that align with organizational goals
    • Standardizes methods and algorithms used across the business unit
    • Manage a team of data scientists and big data specialists.
    • Develops and maintains standard software libraries and associated documentation
    • Articulate technology roadmaps, plan effective project strategies, support diversity, and create a positive environment for professional growth.
    • Compiled a curriculum and established an onboarding process for new data scientist.
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  2. Senior Data scientist

    • Designed, and developed an inter-company solution on maximizing transport capacity utilization (called Payload Optimization) with saving of more than ~2M € in annual costs.
    • Develop website and necessary API for functional teams for transport planning using Payload Optimization use case.
    • Coach and led junior data scientists in various projects.
  3. Data scientist

    • Reduced logistic cost by ~1.5M € in annual costs by predicting urgent deliveries (rush transport) using machine learning model.
    • Streamlined business process with machine learning developed (rush transport) for ease of use in day-to-day transport planning
    • Designed and developed a dashboard on transport data to generate insight for use in weekly retrospective analysis.
    • Presented several AI awareness sessions within commercial functions